Breast Cream - what do they do.

Breast Cream is marketed in three main areas, breast firming creams, breast enlargement creams and breast enhancement creams. Each of these creams claim to do slightly different things depending on the ingredients, herbs and extracts used and science behind each of these items, although breast enlargement and breast enhancement creams are to all intents and purposes the same product.

Breast Firming Cream

Breast firming cream, as the name suggest, tone up the breast area. They do this by including ingredients, such as peppermint, within the cream which are known for their hydration and anti ageing properties. By fighting both of these elements, the cream with use will improve the elasticity of the skin giving breasts a firmer look and feel. Popular examples of this type of breast cream are Elene breast cream and Clarins Bust Beauty Firming Lotion.

Breast Enlargement Cream

Breast enlargement and breast enhancement cream, aim to increase the size of your breast and are marketed at those who feel they would like to have larger breast, or those who have breasts which are slightly different sizes and so would like to increase the size of one of them to bring them into alignment.

Breast enlargement creams all seek to stimulate new cell growth in the breasts, in a similar way to the growth that occurs naturally during pregnancy. This stimulation is caused by the inclusion of specially formulated herb extracts within the breast cream, including those which have similar cell structures to estrogen as this ensures more rapid absorption into the underlying tissue.